With more people connected to company networks both inside and out of the office, a virtual desktop solution makes sense. What if your company can use such a solution, without having to maintain on-premise infrastructure and its costs? Read on to learn more about Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a cloud-based virtual desktop solution


Business Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)


Desktop as a Service, a cloud-based virtualization solution offers an Internet-based way to access cloud computing resources without having to maintain on-premise infrastructure and manage capital expense. With the cloud service provider handling the back-end infrastructure, your workers just need to access an Internet connection. Desktop as a Service uses a subscription-based billing model, charging just for what is used. Therefore, the capital expense of on-premise infrastructure is converted to a flexible operating expense. Speaking of flexibility, DaaS allows your organization to scale up and down in usage of computer resources – adding devices and users during busy seasons, and disconnecting as needed. With data at geographic data centers instead of on devices connected to the cloud, risk of data loss or compromise decreases. Finally, because of its ability to accommodate remote workers, DaaS is helpful to work anywhere, share applications and enable business continuity and disaster recovery efforts.


Considerations in Adopting Desktop as a Service


WIth all its benefits, certain questions remain to be answered. First, does your cloud service provider’s data centers strictly follow data handling regulations, including ones your company’s obliged to follow? Does the CSP take care of software needs, so that your workers don’t have to perform updates or download anything? How often do they perform data backups? These are just some of the questions to address with a prospective cloud service provider when discussing a service level agreement, or with your current provider when considering adopting DaaS. 


Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a secure, streamlined way to connect to the cloud and keep your business running efficiently. For further assistance with adoption of DaaS, contact your trusted technology advisor today.

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